Welcome to my store, here I get wet and messy for both your pleasure and mine. From clothed to explicit videos, most video involve me with gunge/slime and or foam.
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Master Class in casual clothes messy play!
Absolute Master Class! Erin knows how to work with the camera. The way she interacts with you is incredible. Couple things that sets Erin's work in general and this scene apart is the spotless video quality, but also for casual clothed fan, I don't think I've ever seen a model using her clothes as part of the action so well. They stay on the whole scene and makes sure that every inch of her body is about to climax. This is the scene that every new model should look at to learn the art of clothed wam with happy ending :)

Great buy! Can't wait for Erin's Season 2!
-wam_guevara    3/25/23    
Great business lady with heels got messy
Yes Erin is a real Wam-star! She need no persuation (only if the scipt will tell this) to WAM and have a horny fun in all the mess.

Great to see her in this clipt to start as a business lady with nice outfit and high heels. Even better that she not drops the shoes before she enters the pool and then starts to mess around. Personally a shoe filling and squelching would have made it perfect to me... ;-)

But you see as she becomes more and more aroused by her action until she had a playful satisfaction in the end... ;-) And for this she need no scipt she just acts natural, as a real wammer does. Great! Go on Erin! :-))

jepp, I like this clip. :-)
-surgif    2/16/23    
Fully committed, incredibly dirty and sexy scene!
Oh my goodness! This is absolutely amazing! Erin has fast become one of my favourite models on here. The way she fully commits to this particular scene is incredible! You can just tell that she absolutely loves it! Very very hot scene.
-IR21    8/20/22    
Very nice and also hard to discover.
I found your video only while I was doing the transaction. It's basically hidden underwater very deeply that I was very lucky to get to know the existence of your amazing videos. I love to see you handcuffed and see you show your armpits. I was imagining the smells of your hair and armpits. They must be wonderful!
-Gggg123    6/10/22    
A fun scene
Erin said that this was fun to take part in, which I can believe: it looked like both people were enjoying themselves, so it was fun to watch. They didn't stick rigorously to the rules, but there was still some structure to it along with spontaneity.

At the start, I was a bit dubious about them searching for tiles when the gunge/foam was so shallow (i.e. this didn't seem like much of a challenge), but the gunge got deeper as the scene progressed, so all the mess effectively got used twice.

The only change I'd suggest is that when one person gets the "X" tile (winning the game), the other person should remove any clothing they've got left.
-flank    6/2/22    
A real looking office outfit! No PVC or slutty costumes here!
This was fantastic! There's nothing better than a legitimate looking office outfit... something that looks real and not like some fake costume. Let's hope this kicks off a continuous series!
-AW2    4/12/22    
Fun scene.
Wish her helper had let her remove it from her eyes before the final bucket lol. would have been nicer to be a bit longer but its a fun short scene. Good lighting and colours :)
-custarrd    4/7/22    
Another great clip from Erin
What can you say another great clip from Erin. From having some clean naked fun at the start to gunge covered pleasure at the end this has to be one of my fav clips so far cant wait to see what else is to come.
-Gungebob    3/26/22    
Amazing scene from Erin
Another amazing scene from Erin, she is quickly becoming one of my new favourite Splosh models after continuously releasing high quality scenes such as this!
-cake123    3/24/22    
Erin gets very horny in gunge pool
Erin gets very horny while covered in gunge. She looks so sexy in this. She starts to masturbate and talk very dirty. This video is very hot I recommend to this everyone who likes a good masturbation video. Even its a short video I think its worth the price.
-Desamo    2/2/22    
Two beautiful ladies and lots of gunge!
Both Erin and Lily are absolutely gorgeous and I loved the spin the wheel concept. The girls play off of each other really well and there is plenty of pink gunge and foam in this scene. A great video for anybody who loves game-type scenes.
-fslong1    12/4/21    
Taking gunge like a pro!
This is the first time I think I've written a review. But this is by far the hottest video I've ever watched! The sheer enjoyment Erin has is clearly shown, Smiles throughout the video and takes the gunge like a pro. Both the colours work incredibly well, but the thickness of the black is so impressive. Seeing the pjs from clean to messy in a matter of seconds.

I for one will definitely be keeping a close eye on the videos to come from Erin. worth the watch!
-MessFan09    10/22/21    
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